Innovative solution based on NFC Technology available for all establishments (companies, factories or Government agencies) which owns a vehicle or more and willing to monitor the fuel distribution and consumption…it will be available for individuals soon.

PetroApp enables the opportunity to stop the thefts in fuel consumption and fairly distribute it between the company’s vehicles.

PetroApp provides a large and variant gas stations network to guarantee the service’s availability in every region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a flexibility of agreement with additional gas stations as per customer’s requests.

How PetroApp serves you?

PetroApp system enables to control the fuel consumption and its distribution between the vehicles with one click, and enables the monitoring of the transactions directly from the account and get the reports and the VAT invoices directly from the system with the possibility of integration with any system like ERP, CRM…etc.

How PetroApp works?

The customer can easily register, add its branches/departments and add vehicles and drivers for every branch/department, also the customer can fix a consumption limit and fix the working days for every vehicle with a lot of other features.

The customer can review live and detailed reports daily, weekly or monthly regarding the account in general or the branches and the vehicles detailed concerning the consumption and monitor it using a smart dashboard.

The Added value of PetroApp :

  • Stop all types of thefts and corruption in fuel consumption
  • Distribute fuel balance for all vehicles with one click with no need for extra employees to do that
  • Ability to know either the balance given to all vehicles is fair for its usage or no
  • Documentation of the Filling transaction thanks to the smart NFC tag/chip fixed in every vehicle
  • Reports and dashboard which helps to control and evaluate the fuel consumption
  • Large and variant stations network all over the kingdom with all fuel companies with a flexibility of adding new stations as per customer requirements.
  • Coverage of Diesel in 70% of the network
  • Live transaction updates and getting VAT invoices for all the fleet consumption automatically in system (VAT 5%).
  • Low cost solution with 100% efficiency with possibility of integration with any customer system like ERP…etc
  • Benefit from other services like oil change, car washing, tracking, insurance, spare parts and maintenance…etc.
  • Possibility of setting smart stations in the sites for the customers who have internal tanks , gas stations or ambulant tanks.